December 2010

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Holiday Greetings!

The Greenbrook officers and board wish all of our neighbors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It is great to live in Greenbrook!

Save the Date! 

Next Greenbrook HOA meeting on Tuesday, January 18th at 7p.m. If coming, please RSVP to Ed.  [Anyone want to volunteer to host this meeting?]

No surprises here. The entire group of officers and board were elected or re-elected unopposed. Please welcome Lisa Duong as a new board member. The 2011-2012 officers and board members are:

Results of the October Elections:

• Ed Moore, President • Lisa Duong, Board Member    
• Cathy Glass, Vice President • Tammy Hardin, Board Member
• Nathan Swisshelm, Treasurer • Amber Lloyd, Board Member
• Angela Lowry, Secretary  

Accomplishments of the Greenbrook HOA in the First Six Months…

• Creation of a HOA budget
• Effectively managed inherited budget shortfalls through volunteerism and other cost avoidance measures (about $2,000 in savings)Nathan Swisshelm, Treasurer
• Effectively managed inherited tax debt
• Reduced HOA dues delinquencies
• Bottom Line – we are in great position moving forward Amber Lloyd, Board Member

Lessons Learned:

While we are proud of our accomplishments, taking over an HOA has been a learning process. Here are some of the things we have learned:

• In-person neighborhood meetings and elections are not popular or particularly effective. Response: Make all HOA meetings open to homeowners who want to come, but institute voting by mail for the few times when a vote is needed.

• Most (but not all) homeowners appear to be fairly disinterested in HOA business. As the HOA officers and board, we’ll take that as a sign most of you are pretty happy and we’ll do our best to keep you that way. Response: We’ll have an open door and open books policy to HOA meetings and financials but we won’t hound you to come to meetings. If you have questions or want information, just ask. Persons wishing to run for election should email Cathy Glass or call her at 384-8636

• A quorum is critical. While we won’t hound you to attend meetings, we will hound you to vote. Without a quorum of voters, business stops and that’s not good for anyone. For instance, even if no one runs opposed in elections, your vote is still needed. Formality matters. Proxy voting is allowed (see enclosed proxy form)

• We need a fast and efficient way to get information out to the neighborhood. Printed newsletters are relatively costly and time consuming. Response: if you want the latest neighborhood news sign up for the Greenbrook newsgroup (email  Roxanne) and/or visit our website at Otherwise you will only get the more infrequent official notices and news a couple of times per year.

December 16, 2010

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September 2010

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Please show your appreciation to all those gave of their time last Saturday morning to help make our neighborhood look great.  Special thanks to The Bardwell family, Jan Dore, Tammy Hardin, Cori Hostetter, Daryl Johnson, Tom & Angela Lowry and Ed & Lynn Moore for all their hard work.   



Whenever there is a need to get out new neighborhood information, we will be placing a realtor style sign with a flyer box near the front of the neighborhood.  So whenever you see the sign appear, that's your que that there is something new going on at Greenbrook so please stop and pick up a flyer.  Many of your neighbors have yet to sign up for neighborhood emails so please pass the word along about how the sign works.  Also please encourage your neighbors to sign up for emails by contacting Tammy Hardin at contact



The current HOA board is an interim board serving only through December 2010.  A new board needs to be elected to serve in 2011 so mark your calanders for election day on October 16th.  




We are looking for three homeowners to participate on a nominating committee to help locate candidates for the upcoming election as per our neighborhood By-Laws.  If interested in serving on this committee, expressing your interest in running for office, or to nominate someone for office, please contact Cathy Glass at contact.



We're looking for a handful of people to assure that the right lawn care, landscaping, pool cleaning and overall general maintenance of our facilities occur in the most cost effective and timely manner.  If this sounds like the place for you, then contact Amber Lloyd at contact to help keep Greenbrook looking great.  Please note that members of this committee DO NOT necessarily do the work, they are just are responsible for getting the right people to do the work and will be appropriating HOA funds to do so.  The bulk of the need will be for next year, but a few year end needs still exist.



Fall is in the air and college football rules Saturdays and each signals that the end of the pool season is right around the corner.  The last weekend the pool will be open is Sept 18-19.  Please note that glass bottles are not allowed anywhere inside the pool fence.  Please enjoy your favorite beverages from a can or a plastic bottle while at the pool.  Also, please be sure to retrieve all your items from the pool grounds by closing because all unclaimed items will be thrown away.


Ed Moore

Greenbrook HOA President



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August 2010

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 AUGUST 2010




It’s been about a month since we took over the management of the HOA from the developer and the new board has been hard at work organizing and learning the ropes. We truly have a great neighborhood and we hope to be doing great things with it in time. However, in the short-term, the board’s first priority is to manage the HOA’s current budget shortfall which was inherited from the developer. Since this budget shortfall is projected to be a problem only through the 2010 pool season, we will be soliciting volunteers to eliminate labor costs for lawn maintenance, landscaping and pool cleaning. Simultaneously, we will be actively pursuing delinquent homeowners for past due HOA fees. If successful, these two actions should take care of current cash flow problems and position us for a very good year in 2011. Every homeowner has a part to play in making this neighborhood great.

Key to maintaining a great neighborhood will be our ability to communicate neighborhood business. While necessary at times, print newsletters are costly and time consuming. A portion of the neighborhood has already subscribed to neighborhood email newsgroup and I would like encourage everyone to utilize this resource. To sign up, send an email to contact. Additionally, a private neighborhood website will be created soon that will contain neighborhood business, news and events. If you would like to provide input on what features this website should have, please contact Tammy Hardin. If, in the meantime, you have any questions or concerns about the neighborhood, please contact myself or one of the board representatives listed in this newsletter.

To become a volunteer for periodic lawn care, landscaping or pool cleaning for the 2010 pool season, please contact Ed Moore at 850-4967 or by email . Special thanks goes to Chad Tarwater, Ken Glass and the whole Lowry family for their previous volunteer work.


Did you know that the current HOA board is only a transitional board and serves only until January 2011? That means that elections are right around the corner and will occur on October 16th. Consider who you would like to nominate to serve or even serving yourself. To be part of the nominating committee, contact Cathy Glass at email.


We are looking for residents to head up and recruit members for several committees. To be a part of the Social Committee to organize events throughout the year (a grill out or holiday event), contact Angela Lowry at email. To be a part of the nominating committee for the October elections, contact Cathy Glass at email.

Please bring your tools and help for our first scheduled workday on August 28, from 9:00am–Noon. The appearance of our front entrance reflects on us all and we want to present a beautiful front to our community. For more information contact Ed Moore at 850-4967 or at email. Please join us!


August 28 – Common Area Workday

September 20 – Pool Closes

October 16 – Board Meeting







Ed and his wife, Lynn, have lived in the Hardin Valley area since 2004 and have lived in Greenbrook since 2007. They have two grown daughters, the oldest recently married and graduated from college and the youngest is finishing her last couple of years at ETSU. Ed is a therapist at the Helen Ross McNabb Center and Lynn is manager at SAIC. email Cell 850-4967.


 Cathy, and her husband, Ken, are natives of Oak Ridge, and have lived in Greenbrook since November 2007. They have three grown daughter and nine grandchildren, eight of which live in Knoxville. Cathy is a Realtor® affiliated with Realty Executives Associates, Landoak, and Ken is an Environmental Compliance Coordinator with the City of Oak Ridge. Hotline: 384-8636; email


Nathan, his wife Debra and their 2 yr old son Jakob have lived in Greenbrook since 2009. Nathan was born in Tampa but grew up in Knoxville and graduated from UT. After spending time in Atlanta GA and Daphne AL we are glad to be back in Big Orange Country. Nathan currently works at Siemens Health care. Our family enjoys camping, hiking and UT football.


Angela and her family, Tom and two boys Tyler (14) and Reese (11), who attend Karns Middle School, have lived in Greenbrook since 2009. We moved from Farragut after the new Hardin Valley Academy was opened. Angela works as a Graphic Designer with Clayton Homes (after teaching elementary school for 10 years) and Tom is a Software Developer at SAIC. email


Jan has lived in Greenbrook for a little more than 4 years now and has lived in Knoxville all her life! She is a Registered Nurse and work with a Durable Medical Equipment Company in Knoxville, doing specialized teaching and care for patients. Jan has a miniature schnauzer named Maggie who barks at everyone who comes to my house!!! Jeff and Jan love to travel, hike, and attend University of Tennessee sporting events. GO VOLS!!


Amber was an early resident of Greenbrook Subdivision and has been here since Phase 1 of the development. She purchased her house here in January of 2006, has enjoyed watching the subsequent phases of development, and is keenly interested in the continued growth of the community. She is an amateur landscaper with an extensive background in management. Hobbies include woodworking, hiking at Haw Ridge, and dinner parties.


Tammy Hardin and her husband BK have lived in Greenbrook since September 2005 along with Hayden a 7th grader at Karns Middle School, Austin a 6th grader at Seymour Middle School and Ashley a Sophomore at Seymour High School. Of course don’t forget the pretty blonde dog Gracie and her pet the guinea pig Peyton. BK is a deputy with the Knox County Sheriff Department and owns an Insurance/Financial Services business. Tammy is the Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader at Grace Baptist Church and maintains her private Relapse Prevention Coaching Practice. Being one of the first residents in Greenbrook we have been actively involved and enjoyed seeing the growth of our neighborhood.

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